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Pump up the Pudel


The Pudel is saved, save the Pudel!

As can be seen in the SCHOCKVIDEO above, everything was entirely wrecked by the fire. The entire building is affected. While there is some insurance money, the complete restoration of the Elbphilharmonie der Herzen will cost at least as much as five brand-new and showroom-fresh SUVs!!

Find more info on the website of
VerFüGe e.V.

This is a call for donations - help us rebuild the Pudel!

Fortunately, with the help of the Mara & Holger Cassens Foundation for the Support of Art and Culture the Pudel site and building can now be permanently transferred into communal use. However, the whole thing must and needs to be financed collectively.

Small amounts, large amounts ­­ – everything helps!

We need to tear down the vestiges of the fire and fix up the hut in such a way that many people can benefit from it once again. And for all of eternity. That’s the minimum demand. Amen.


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Status: 11.01.2017

Pump up the Pudel

The world must remain a Pudel!


Oke Göttlich & Ewald Lienen (FC St. Pauli),    Andreas Dorau & Gereon Klug,    Nils Frahm,    Premium-Kollektiv,    Thomas Becker & Tim Stoll,    Klaus Walter (Was ist Musik),    HGich.T,    Sleaford Mods,    Helge Schneider,    Deichkind,    FaltyDL,    Felix Kubin,    Kubin's Mutter,    Shari Vari,    Jameszoo,    Schlammpeitziger,    Tilman Tausendfreund,    Danielle de Picciotto & Alexander Hacke,    Ron Morelli,    Beginner,    Lakuti & Tama Sumo,    Sex Jams,    Joachim Franz Büchner (Erneuerbare Energien),    Donna Neda,    Kasper Bjørke,    Don't DJ,    Tino Hanekamp,    Viktor Marek,    Jamie Lidell,    ill,    San Francisco Poodle Rescue,    Lena Willikens,    Tanja, Lisa & Harald,    Max Rieger (Die Nerven),    Lars Lewerenz (Audiolith),    Maurice Summen (Staatsakt),    Karen Gwyer,    Daniel Miller (Mute),    Jimi Tenor,    Kero Kero Bonito,    Kante,    Uli,    Fettes Brot,    Trentemøller,    Cindy & Hauff,    Electric Indigo,    Fynn Steiner (Bürgermeister der Nacht),    Maarten,    Spirituosen Toni,    Pola (Zucker),    Tolouse Low Trax (Salon des Amateurs),    Stella Sommer (Die Heiterkeit),    Trümmer,    Julia Labonte,    Fallbeil,    Modeselektor,    Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris),    Die Jungs von Gauger & Roehrs,    Schnipo Schranke,    Messer   
To be continued ...

Bank Account details for donations (without receipt)

Account holder: Pudel Musik Club
IBAN: DE07200505501206148734
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse

Payment information: Spende Wiedereroeffnung Pudel Club

[donation for the reopening of the Pudel Club]

Bank Account details for donations (with receipt)

For donors in need of a receipt for tax purposes, we have the support of the Stiftung zur Stärkung privater Musikbühnen Hamburg ( Receipts can be provided for donations over 200 euros. For donations of less than 200 euros, a transfer voucher is sufficient for the tax authorities.

Please be sure to supply a correct address and other payment information, in order that the Stiftung can process the donation and send a receipt.

Unfortunately, receipts are not possible for donations received from abroad.

Account holder: Stiftung zur Stärkung privater Musikbühnen Hamburg
IBAN: DE79200505501280366988
Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse

Payment information: Spende Wiedereroeffnung Pudel Club - Address for receipt (Name, Street and house number, Postcode, City, E-Mail)

Example: Spende Wiedereröffnung Pudel Club - Eva Müller, Musterstraße 23, 12345 Musterhausen,

Alternatively, donations are possible via Paypal:
WARNING: Unfortunately, a donation receipt is not possible with this method!

All donations will go solely towards the measures necessary for the reopening of the Golden Pudel Club.

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